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Textiles Test Stretch And Recovery Tester ASTM D3107

Textiles Test Stretch And Recovery Tester ASTM D3107

This tester is used to test the elastic fabrics stretch and recovery properties by complies to the ASTM D3107 standard.

Products Specifications:

Model: FZ-3107

Standards: ASTM D3107


This tester is used to test the stretch and recovery properties of elastic fabrics by complies to the ASTM D3107 standard. Overall frame made of Aviation aluminum design, SUS 304 clamp and weights, high quality imported type guide rail. 

Test method: use machine top clamp set to clamp the sample one end, apply another end with initial loading weight, mark two distances on the sample at the lower end;

Then apply the loading weights to the sample, measure the two marked points distance after 1hour or a specified time; take off the loading weight, after 30s or 1hour other specified time, and measure the distance of two marks; then calculate the sample stretch elastic recovery rate and residue deformation rate; the test time, sample length and loading weight can be customized.


Test modes: Certain elongation rate test, certain loading test

Sample clamp free slide, equipped with slider, can be fixed on any place of rail 

Adjustable knob clamp design, suitable for different samples test 


Technical specifications

1. Test station: 6

2. Machine material: aluminum alloy

3. Clamp set material: stainless steel

4. Loading weight: 3 pounds 1set, 4 pounds 1set

5. Clamp set valid clamp width:=>60mm

6. Clamp set interval: 30-750mm adjustable

7. Flat triangle hook clamp set: 6pcs

8. Scale length: 900mm

9. Overall size: 1100×500×1350mm

10. Net weight: 60kg

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