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DCP Dynamic Cone Penetrometer 8kg

DCP Dynamic Cone Penetrometer 8kg

the DCP Dynamic Cone Penetrometer can be used to determine the roadbase strength.

Products Specifications:

The DCP test has good relations with CBR and resilience modulus, thus the DCP Dynamic Cone Penetrometer can be used to evaluate the roadbase strength. Features quick, easy to operate, not limited to filed conditions. The DCP is developed by the TRL As per AASHTO standards, the DCP has below relations with CBR: CBR=405.3/PR1.259

Wherein the PR is the penetration rate(mm/strike times), CBR, %.


Technical specifications

Penetration rod upper rod: 803mm

Connecting plate dia.: 105mm

Drop distance: 575±1mm

Penetration rod lower trod: 910mm

Baseplate size: 300mm*60mm*8mm

Drop hammer weight: 8±0.1 Kg

Dynamic cone: dia. 20±0.25mm, cone angle 60°±1°degree

Penetration rod effective length: 1000mm, mm and inch two scalemark

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