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High Low Temperature Electric Universal Testing Machine

High Low Temperature Electric Universal Testing Machine

50m3 capacity LPG Tank sectional drawing 50m3 LPG Tank front view drawing

Products Specifications:

High low temperature electric universal testing machine

Standards: GB10586-89,GB/T7750-1987,GB2423.1-89,GJB150.3-86

The high low temperature tensile testing machine is used to test the material tensile strength under different temperature, when doing normal temperature test, can remove the temperature cabinet. 


Professional measuring & control system for force measurement

Can do tensile, compression, flexural, shear, tear, split test

Automatic data acquisition, storage, processing, print

Can calculate maximum load, yielding strength, average peeling force, large deformation, yielding point, elastic modulus

Graphical data indication, MS-ACCESS database support.

Technical specifications



Loading capacity

10N,20N,50N,100N,200N,500N,1KN,2KN,5KN,10KN(can select dual load)




Computer display

Load resolution


Load accuracy


Stroke resolution


Control mode

Computer control

Temperature control mode

PID automatic calculation

Indication accuracy


Temperature accuracy


Circulation system

forced circulation system

Heating system

SUS304 heat dispersion type heater

Cooling system

Fan, high efficiency compressor, Environmental refrigerant

Protection device

Electricity leakage & overload protection device, compressor overload protector, humidifier overheat protection, temperature limit protection device

Cabinet material


Test stroke

1300mm(after moved the test chamber)

Test width

720mm(after moved the test chamber)

Test chamber space


Test rate

0.5-500mm/min free set, with clamp set lifting rapid adjusting button

Load conversion

Kgf, N, Ibf, g, ton, Mpa

Stop mode

Overload stop, emergency stop, sample broken automatic stop, upper lower limit automatic stop, automatic reset

Machine size


Machine power

Servo motor driven, timing wheel and precision ball screw rod transmission

Working power


Machine weight

Approx. 420kg

Working power supply

220V 50/60HZ 30A

Standard configuration

Clamp set extension rod, Cooling device, clamp set 1pc, software, USB cable




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