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14 Hole Dissolution Test Equipment

14 Hole Dissolution Test Equipment

14 holes 14 paddle 4 column structure, can perform 2 batch test at a same time.

Products Specifications:

A precision dissolution tester, 14 holes 14 paddle 4 column structure, can perform 2 batch test at a same time, one blank test, one standard test. Features easy operation and stable performance.

Technical specifications

Level degree deviation: 0.5°(measured on two vertical direction)

 Axis vertical degree deviation: 0.5°

Dissolution cup vertical degree deviation: 1°

Dissolution cup and paddle coaxial degree deviation: 1.0mm

Paddle axial swing degree deviation: 1.0mm

Paddle depth: 25±2mm

Paddle shaft rotation speed accuracy: <±4%

Medium temperature: 37° C±0.5 ° C

Vibration degree:  0.1mil

Speed range: 25-250 rpm

Rotation speed resolution: 0.1RPM

Water bath temperature regulation range: RT+5° C-45° C

Temperature resolution: 0.01°

Temperature accuracy: ≤±0.3° C

Programmable sampling times: 24

Programmable sampling period: 99hr59min

Timing accuracy:  3s per 24hour

Printing interval: 60min

Continuous working duration: 100h

Working noise:60db

Working ambient: 5-35° C

Relative humidity: 80%

Electric heating power: 1900W

 Dissolution cup height: 185mm

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